Our Organization

Iowa Arbitration Association LLC, dba Iowa Arbitrators, was organized by Iowa lawyers to facilitate the engagement of experienced neutrals to resolve disputes through arbitration. The principals of Iowa Arbitrators are Michael J. Pitton, Marsha K. Ternus and Linda K. Neuman—trained and experienced arbitrators.

We recognize that many lawyers and their clients are interested in arbitration as a dispute resolution method, yet have limited access to services that facilitate the use of arbitration. To address this need, Iowa Arbitrators was formed to provide information about the process of arbitration, to identify qualified individuals who are available to serve as neutrals, and to promote the use of arbitration to expeditiously resolve disputes.

Iowa Arbitrators is prepared to furnish administrative support to lawyers and their clients to make the engagement of a neutral from our roster and the initiation of the arbitral process efficient and cost effective. Our neutrals are independent arbitrators who work directly with the lawyers who have engaged their services to design and implement an arbitration process that best serves their clients’ needs.

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