Iowa Arbitrators Principals

Iowa Arbitrators’ Principals


Linda Neuman, who served more than two decades in Iowa’s trial and appellate courts, has adjudicated thousands of cases, large and small.  And she understands alternative as well as traditional methods of dispute resolution.  She holds an LL.M. degree in judicial process from the University of Virginia School of Law as well as certifications in mediation and arbitration.  Since retiring from the Iowa Supreme Court in 2003, Linda has served as president of the American Academy of ADR Attorneys, teaches as a member of the adjunct faculty of the University of Iowa College of Law, served as a director on the boards of two financial service companies, and represented Iowa on the Uniform Laws Commission, a national organization dedicated to making uniform the commercial law of the United States.


Michael Pitton has practiced law for more than 35 years in Iowa City, Minneapolis/St. Paul and the Quad Cities, focusing on civil litigation and arbitration.  Since 1998 he has served as an arbitrator, privately and on behalf of the American Arbitration Association, in cases involving insurance, personal injury, commercial, business, contracts, and real estate.  He teaches arbitration law and practice as a member of the adjunct faculty of the University of Iowa College of Law, has been an advisor to the Iowa State Bar Association Task Force recommending changes to the Iowa arbitration statutes, and is a director on the board of the American Academy of ADR Attorneys.


Marsha Ternus, the first woman to serve as chief justice of the Iowa Supreme Court, brings to her arbitration practice seventeen years of judicial experience as well as her background as a civil litigator for sixteen years specializing in civil litigation and insurance law.  While serving as chief justice of the Iowa Supreme Court, she served on the board of directors of the national Conference of Chief Justices, chairing its court management committee.  In 2012, Marsha was honored, along with two of her former court colleagues, as the recipient of the 2012 John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award.  Since leaving the court in 2010, Marsha has practiced as a mediator and arbitrator, as well as serving as a consultant on a variety of appeals.

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